Welcome to the Wire Art website, sculptures made from recycled fencing wire.
The sculptures are suitable for gardens and outdoors.
Wire balls, trees, sheep, lambs, crosses, flowers, chickens and roosters. Made from rusty or galvanized recycled wire, barbed or plain fencing wire. Sculptures are made in different sizes, they look stunning grouped together or as an individual feature.
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Garden Sculptures made from Wire

John van Beek started making Wire Art in 2008 at Lake Tekapo.

Wire art has grown and now he makes trees, balls, chickens, roosters, crosses and more and more sheep and lambs. Visit the online catalogue or view the sculptures at garden fetes.

Balls and trees appear in gardens. Landscape gardeners are using wire art pieces for projects.

Wire art trees garden sculptures

Tree Sculptures

Great selection of wire tree sculptures from 1 - 2.3 meters high. Different designs and wire combinations.

garden art

Garden Art

Wire Art Sculptures can be viewed in Lake Tekapo at No. 13 on State Highway 8.

Lancewood Flowers look lovely against the wall of your house or anywhere you have a space that needs filling


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Garden sculptures garden art - wire & barbed wire balls, sheep, trees - New Zealand ART made at Lake Tekapo.
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