John van Beek

recycling and turning old fencing wire into unique and original outdoor artwork

John lives at Lake Tekapo – 13 on SH 8 in the Lake Tekapo village. He is a wire artist making affordable sculptures – recycling and turning old fencing wire into unique and original outdoor artwork – balls, trees, sheep, flowers and other sculptures made with either Barbed Wire or Plain Wire – Rusty or Galvanized.

Lake Tekapo has harsh winter conditions so in 2008 John started making wire sheep, trees and balls for his garden. John is a self- taught artist with a farming background and fencing experience. He uses pliers, clippers and some home- made tools to achieve the sculptures. For bigger pieces he uses reinforcing rod as a frame and weaves the wire around them. The Sculptures can be pegged down to the ground and make impressive garden features.

old wire

OLD RUSTY WIRE .... This is not a heap of rusting junk, but a pile of oxidized Number 8 Wire and a myriad of Barbed Wires with history to burn, rescued from fences throughout the South Island to be reborn into works of art by John van Beek.

He is always on the look- out for wire to use and appreciates it when farmers call and have some wire for him. Rusty barbed wire is most needed.

John immigrated to NZ with his family from The Netherlands when he was four years old. Starting off at Le Bons School and living at Rangiora before coming to Lake Tekapo to build a B&B Lodge, he now enjoys making Wire sculptures, and has a new twist on the Kiwi No 8 wire attitude. John and Lynda market the Wire Art through the website. You are also welcome to call 021 1299439 and arrange to meet us at No. 13 on State Highway 8 in Lake Tekapo.

"Let's Have a Cuppa"

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